A New View for Young People and their Finances

Welcome to the Your Score Matters blog: a forum for young people to learn and discuss about personal finance.  Bored yet? Understandable, but just give it a shot – if not for you, then for your wallet.

It’s no secret: almost everyone struggles with money. If you’re making money, you’re spending money. If you’re not, well, you’re probably still spending money, it’s just not your money, whether it’s money your parents give you or it’s money the credit company lets you use – for now. We all use it, love it, hate it; but here’s what we don’t do much of: learn about it.

Think of it this way: if you didn’t know how to operate a car, would you drive one? And if you were a rebellious kid and you didn’t know how to drive a car, but you did it anyway, would the end result, in all probability, be a good one?

Ok, you got me – that might be an extreme example. The truth is, we that we often use things that we’re familiar with, but may not actually know a whole lot about using it to get a result that we WANT. If you’re anything like me, a computer serves as a great example. I use a computer everyday, mostly for my internet-fix, but also for other things like an alarm, a stereo, a coaster (sorry Mom and Dad). But if I need it to do something technical, say, create a website or link a new program – I need someone who knows more about how it actually operates to help me out, like a friend of mine who’s hobby it is to read and know about web sites and programs and, well, computer stuff.

To continue with my computer example, I’ve owned a Mac for a few months now and today, my iTunes freaked out. It just froze while my iPod was plugged into my computer! Of course, then, I freaked out, because you always hear about people who delete their entire music libraries by unplugging their iPod’s at the wrong time. (And if you know me, you know that I’m EXACTLY the kind of spaz that would do that sort of thing.) So I asked my friend (who is much more Mac-savvy than I am) how to safely quit the program so that I didn’t lose all my music. In .2 seconds, he told me two different ways to do it. Now, my music library is safe from my spazy tendencies – for now, anyway.

That, in a nutshell, is what I hope Your Score Matters can be to those of us who use money, but don’t actually know how to use it to get what we WANT.

Fortunately or unfortunately, money is NOT like the complicated electric vegetable juicer your mom gave you or the new automated parking meters that break every other day; money doesn’t come with directions. Often times it’s the opposite: people want you to use your money in ways that aren’t good for YOU. That stops here.

It is the mission of Your Score Matters to provide free personal financial advice to young people in an accessible and easy-to-comprehend way. At YSM, we believe that the only way to change today’s financial climate is for young people to make the decision to get interested in their own finances.  The first step is to tell others you’re READY to learn it; the second step is to LEARN.

While we ARE young, we’re NOT children anymore. Decide TODAY that you can manage your money better, whether you’re in the 9th grade or you’re 29 years old. Decide to get interested in learning more about your personal finances – YSM will be here to help you!

If you like this post, look for weekly tips and personal finance analysis from a young person’s perspective on this blog- I hope I didn’t bore you too much.


Katie McCabe

CEO, Your Score Matters Inc.




If you or a young group you know of are interested in a FREE seminar on a basic financial topic, please contact Katie McCabe at: yourscorematters@yahoo.com or visit www.facebook.com/pages/Your-Score-Matters

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